Professional Garden Designers

We work closely with our independent garden designer to create the perfect garden design for you. We take all your ideas and design a garden to suit you.

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Garden Design
Garden Design

Garden Design

We have been able to expand the range of services we offer to our clients thanks to an exclusive partnership with our fully qualified and professional design consultant. Together we have experience working in garden construction, horticulture and environment design and management allowing us to provide a whole new range of services.

Why Choose Us for Garden Design?

  • Domestic & commercial designs
  • Full colour 3D CAD plans
  • Designs to suit all budgets
  • Fully qualified horticulturalist
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Our garden designer will be happy to discuss your ideas, taking into account exactly how you want your garden to look, and what you plan on doing with it. They will be working with The Garden Design Company exclusively in design, and are happy to advise potential clients on layouts, as well as recommending and providing planting schemes.

Whether you want a traditional country garden, a modern display garden or a functional but attractive vegetable garden, we will combine all the aspects and features you want in a detailed plan. Our garden designer can provide you with a complete drawing of your new garden design, as well as full colour plans and CAD 3D plans.

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Our gardening team can then make your chosen design a reality. Simply give us a call today to find out more about our garden designer and how we can help make your dream garden a practical reality.

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